Saturday, December 10, 2011


You don't have the right to regret it now... It's all too late. You've made your decision. You've scream it, to all ears to know... my neighbours think I'm I crazy but they don't know that you're all I have. I know you're somewhere out there.. we've been separated miles miles away but I want you next to me. I want you back. Please, I will say that it's all my fault if that will make you turn around to me. Tonight, I saw the eclipse, I somehow too, pray to God..still trying to get to you... I keep on talking to the stuff I'm seeing trying to talk to you and God, hoping you're talking to me too.. do you ever hear me calling? am I a fool? ahah.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Sun, Stars, Wind, Moon... why does he hate me?

I have these stories playing inside of my mind repeatedly. I want to forget but I know that I surely didn't want to forget. Because I was a kid, a strange kid I suppose. I once imagined you to be this tall guy, straight short hair that's combed back with a shirt that's tugged in. I imagined for you to have these two gorgeous pair of eyes that would make me nervous by just a glance. But I liked that about you. It was surely a destined meet because since the beginning, there was no awkwardness between us. As if we were old friends. Just by looking at your eyes I can tell there was no words needed. This is probably what the call love. Yes, love at first sight. I sometimes wish that I'm a singer. So that I can sing and yell everything that's screaming inside of me for you to hear, to know without being judged. But this world is cruel because everyone, everything must be judged by all eyes's. I know that it's selfish of me to thinks like this. But we went on our own separate ways. Please If you're hurt like I do, I would go back on that day if I were you. I got to swear that I saw you turned around 3 times that day. Even if your heart left me, my heart still remembers you. But I'm already absent in your mind yet I'm still foolishly chasing after you.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Only One For Me

We first started our 1st chapter with a fairytale.
We smoothly go through it..
We built our own memory lane which
was beyond this KID's imagination.
But it was torn apart by a Cyclones...
The Island that was suppose to be a paradise,
change into a Neverland.
These is a sincere story deep deep from my heart.
The more I push, the better it will be.
The first time I remember, all of us were together.
In the future that where ever you might be,
please wait a bit longer and wait for me, will you?
By then if I ask you, do you like me too?
please call my name when you see me...
In a blink of an eye, we will be adults...
by then will you remember me?
yes, I was that strange child...
But in the future which we will be in,
by chance I might wander and be lost,
please call out my name so that I can recognize you.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suratan takdir...

Walaupun natijahnya, aku yang dikhianati...
Walaupun berbuat baik pada umat manusia,
natijahnya aku yang menjadi mangsa.
Walaupun telah banyak orang yang pergi.
aku tetap reda dengan qada dan qadarNya.
Walaupun, kau pergi untuk mencintai dia,
dan aku tetap menerima seadanya,
natijahnya aku yang terluka.
Aku masih sanggup menelan setiap apa yang berlaku.
Aku telan semuanya walaupun hingga ke akhir hayat aku yang terluka.
Aku sanggup jika dengan berbuat sedemikian dapat menyelamatkan keadaan.
Walaupun tidak ada walau sebesar hama sekalipun kasih untukku,
Aku sanggup menelan semua itu.
Maafkan aku kerana lemah.
Dan jika telah tersurat yang ikatan ini berakhir sebelum ianya bermula.
Aku memohon kehadrat Ilahi agar
menutup serapat-rapatnya pintu hatiku untukmu.
Maafkan aku kerana tidak dapat melepaskanmu.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't think I can take it anymore.

Wait, let me flash back my life for a several hours...
I realize now how pathetic am I in those man's eyes...
'crying for something that will never be hers'.
and I tried to smile but forget about that, I'm still crying.
SHIT, why are you so hard to be gone from my life?
Most moment my heart are always in pain and I want to scream.
I was crying inside my eyes,
You behaved so well and were strong enough not
to show fear in front of everyone else.