Tuesday, March 31, 2009


okai!!!so!yesterday we got
our group for the exchange
students program
thingy...well, this thing
is about, malay student which is my
school and japanese school students exchange.

so my group is B2 i guess...
there's 8 students in each group...
and mine is...nadia,ima,me(mariam),
fidod,syafiq,ipin,syamim & firhard!
ahahaha...and the leader is ipin
and the assistant is me...wek!hmmm...

so last night i ask my pet brother...
i told him everything about the japanese
thingy...so he was shocked cause i was
the ass. then he told me that ass.
has to help the leader talking in the japanese
and more la!then i refuse! i dont wanna!hmm

so today...we when it's art class...teacher
want us to create a shirt for the program.
so we have to be in group to design the
shirt though...i lot of fun actually!
especially when my has the crazy student
in it!well!what can i say?we are crazy...
but that's just how we roll sistah!ahahahha

Saturday, March 28, 2009

earth hour

earth hour Pictures, Images and Photos
waaaaaaaa~earth hour!!!
semalam seronok!
smenye ttp lmpu!huhu

tpi agk skt hti gak la
smlm an...aku nak tlg slmtkan
dunia...blh lak fmly aku
perli aku an...skt hati kot!!!

hmm....pape pon....
marilah kite same-same
slmt kan dunia kesayangan
kite niyh!!!jom!!!ayuh slmt kan dunia!
ape yg pntng?! kerjesame!!!yeah!



well...i guess i have a new crush though...
it started when i first saw him this
early year...when he was guarding
the stairs. I saw him the first thing i said
in my mine is, "wow he looks different."
i thought that he was older then me...

when class started then i realized that
he is in my class and he is the same
age as me though...i gotta admit, i was
kinda surprise though. plus happy too.

at first i don't think that i want
to talk him...i was just look at him
form the back and im just to shy to talk to him..
then what do think? i talked to him!
im kinda happy though...

the truth is, at first i don't know that
i'll fall for him though...i just thought
that i just gonna like him because of
something else and not like him for real...

well it started when we started to talk
to each other...his voice is so..well
i can't described...he is so nice, gentlemen
and charming when it comes to girls nor guys!
he is nice! and i love people that have
all the attitude that i mention up there.

one day, i started talking with *****
about our birthday...we were discussing
about celebrate it together...then i ask
***** is there anyone else that their birthday
is in April...then ***** said, ******'s birthday
is on April 2!then at that time, my heart moves.
with out any my opinion,he quickly called
him to out table.then we started talking and
that was the first time i talked to him...

after that conversation, we keep talking to each
other..but not all the time though..because he
is kinda of a shy guy...he doesn't talk to girls
so much...that's great though...haha

until one day...when we started talking
to each other at my locker...we were
discussing about our birthday plans.
then he started to look at my locker
and the roof of my locker is gone and
it kinda not so safe cause people can
steal your stuff though...

then after he saw it, he ask me
he:x bahaye ke x de atap cam 2?
me:ahah, enth la weyh...hri 2 da jdi
cam ni dah..aku da btlkan blk,
tpi dye still nak tbukak...aku da
maleyh nak lyn...biarlah..
then he smiled at me and took the
locker roof and fix it for me...
then i was so shocked and in my heart i said
MY HERO!!!then i said thx to him after he did that...

he smiled and said nah its okay.then he left.

I was so shocked at that time...i just stand still
at the corner of the locker and think what just
happend...then i realize that i've fall for him...
until now...i jut dont know what to do...
then i think about Mr.A that i've been fall in love
with since last year...is my feeling towards
him going to go away because of this guy?


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


well today was kinda fun though...
we had a great time in the class..
i think so...cause we always
laugh so much until our stomach,
well...explode! ahahaha~

i don't know how to stop
laughing though...they just
super funny!hahaha...
love all of them!*kisses!ahaha

well today's curriculum was so
hard for me to do the right thing..
plus the weather was so bad...
but its kinda fun cause its cold...
and everyone gather around at the same place..
but still it's hard...

me and some of my friend have to
tell the truth the one that we
have a problem with...it's hard.
seriously...but i don't want the same
thing that happens to me, happen
to someone i called friends...

we don't want to get badder and bedder though...
but some of the people that have a problem
with her...doesn't want to admit it...
i am so mad!!!!URGHHHH!!!
just tell the truth la!!!you said you wanna over
this!but what the hell is this?!aigooooooo!!!
what ever lah!!!haih

but all i know is...now i feel kinda better
that all of this is over...but i still felt
so so so damn guilty!!!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

welcome back to school babeyh!

oh today.....pergggghhhh...best kah?
blh la...hahaha..pagi 2 aku bngn
dngn smgt nye ingin ke sklh!
yeah!popay the sailormoon!oppsss!!!
hohohoho...smpi sklh tdi aku pgi
birthday present kat ima & sufhia...
birthday drng da lme da...tpi lmbt bgi present da...
ahaha...sorry guys!!!hope u guys like the girt yeah?!huhu

hri ni x bljr sgt pon...
math & agme je yg ade hw...
ert best!!!ktrng kne lks pola je!
tpi aku agk pns ngan srg minah ni!bajet siot!
ckgu puji skt pon da over!ckgu pon puji aku la!
tpi aku wat bdh je!sdp2 je time ckgu puji aku 2 dye ckp
kat ckgu "ala!ckgu x tgk sye pnye lgi ckgu!ihihihiihihii!!!"
LIKE I GIVE A SHIT!!!eeeeeeeee!!!belah la ko!!!adoyaiii~

hari ni bdk2 yg sblm ni just
percubaan pengawas, skang ni
drng da currently pengawas oh!
dlm kls aku ade 3 org pngws klu x slp...
Belle & Ipin!!!belle cun dowh!
Ipin?!fuh!hot seyh!!!wekkkk!!!
ahahahhahaah!tpi krng nmpk cool r!!!
aku tabek springg!!!yeah!!!ahaha

hari birthday Fadzil tau...
aku bru je tau hri ni...jahat kan aku?
ahahahaha!pape pon...aku da wish!
chomel gle kot dye time aku pnggl
dye....malu2 lak...hahahaha!pe da~
then, bdk2 lki mntk duit 50sen ngan
ktrng...katenye for jamuan kls..

pas 2 ktrng pon cam plk la...mid year pon x smpi
g da nak jamuan n...ahaha...pastu monitor class
ktrng pon dtg la kat aku & ima...dye tnye
yg ktrng ade bgi duit 50sen ke x...then ktrng
kte la yg ktrng ade bgi...then dye ckp la...
duit 2 bkn utk jamuan kls...untk smbt BDay Fadzil ma..
ahaha...Monitor ktrng 2 ade invite ktrng dtg..tpi ktrng
pnt sngt wooo...x leyh p...sry au fadzil!!!harap ko pjg umur!

time blk sklh tdikan, aku tnggu abg aku
kat bus stop...dye lmbt nak smpi,so aku so la
dye amek aku kat 7e...dan-dan je aku nak pgi 7e 2...
crush aku and geng-geng dye pon ade jln kat dpn aku...
gle malu siot!!!da la time 2 aku srg je...aku da x tau nak wat pe..
aku jln tnduk je...aku jln laju skt dri drg x nak bgi seliseh..
tpi seronok!!!heeeeeeeeeeeee


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cuti seminggu di Qelantan ma~

kitrng bertlk ke klntn hari sabtu last week...
ktrng gerak pagi..sblm 2..ktrng bnti
kat kdi mamak kat p14 ni jap...
mengalas perut la katekan~

ktrng balk sne pki 2 kte...
aku, kakak & kakcik aku nek kte
abg aku..best!ktrng nek kte 2
blh dngr lgu mcm2!lgu korea,
lgu omputih, malay and indon!

time kat dlm kete 2...pnye la lme
nak smpi...dngn jem nye sne sni~
skt hti kot!haish~disebabkan aku
dok kat dpn...aku x leyh tdo...
nak kne jge driver..wah!ahaha

lps smpi umah ktrng kat klntn...
sme nye pnt gle!x bermaye wo~~~
ahahaaha...pnt seyh~

ptg esk 2...ktrng pgi tido kat KB
sbb abh ktrng ade msyrt kat sne...
ktrng tdo kat hotel riverview~~
suet u!!!ahahahahaah!
ktrng tdo kat sne 3 hri...
kakak aku x abs nak wakaf che' yeh~
dye nak bli kaen tdg for pngkp~
tpi x pe, aku x ksh..srnk ma!huhu

lps blk rmh blk...aku tgk crite
kat laptop aku...bynk gle crite
yg aku tgk!!!heeee!gmbire!
aku tngk cte twilight,
angus thongs and the perfect snogging,
sailor moon,cardcaptor sakura and many more!!!
seronok gile!!!huhu

ktrng blk putra blk smlm...pnt weyh!
kali ni...aku blk nek kete ayh aku kli ni..
aku bgi syarat..klu nak soh aku nek kete ni blh.
tpi radio kne tuka hitz!wah!wah!wah!wah!
hoho..pnt seyh~ble smpi sni....
kakak & abg aku sme nye tdo!
aku je x...hoho...bdk bek la ktekan!
ye la sangat!ahahaha!

Tata!Balek Kampung Best!weeeeeeeeeeeee





before school holiday ma~~~

Hri Jumaat minggu lepas...ktrng
x blajar langsng!!!ktrng sbnrnye ade
majlis Maulud...so pgi 2 mmg wajib x bljr la an~
hahaha...time ceramah 2, aku dok ngan iqin...
walaupon ktrng kls len3..ktrng ttp rapat ma!ahaha...

lepas habis ceramah 2...ktrng dibenarkan
rahat lame skt sbb ceramah 2 tlh mngmbl
mase rehat ktrng skt wo~hoho....
time rehat, aku rehat ngan ima & iqin...
best! ktrng mengumpat psl seseorang ni an...
ahahahah..tpi time2 aku tngh happy2 2 la..
ex aku dtg an...baek pnye...aku da x nak dok stu da.
aku ajk kwn aku blah dri tmpt ktrng rehat 2~hoho.

lepas rht ktrng pon naek la kls...x blajar pon~~~
ckgu kls ktrng srh kemas kls...
tpi ktrng wat bdh je...ahahah!
jht kot!haha...aku klr merayau ngan iqin n ima..
ktrng round satu tngkt kls ktrng 2...
x dek kje kot!!!tpi srnk ma~ahaha...

pkl 11.50, ktrng da kne trn bwh dah
sbb ckgu nak bgi ucapan slmt bercuti~
wah!ahaha...tpi sblm ucapan 2...
ade nasyid bdk sklh ktrng men...
sedap weyh!!!tpi aku x tau asl ade bdk 2 bajet
sklh lme dye lgi sdp nasyid drng~skt hti kot!
belah la weyh!!!

time ckgu bgi ucapan 2...aku, aisyah & iqin
dok skli tau~~~ktrng smbl dngr ceramah 2...
ktrng smpt ngmpt psl seseorang yg amat bajet ni...
ahahaa!mmg kuat ktrng ngmpt psl dye!ahaha...
lps hbs ucapan 2, ktrng pon blh blk~~~
aku sdh dowh nak tggl drng!!!


PJK with my BFFL!!!!!!!^^

PJ mnggu lps best kot!
gembira diriku bermaen bersame iqin!
happy gile!

mule2 ktrng trn kat pdg 2,
aku x dek kje, so aku kacau iqin la~
aku nynyi lgu.........
aku nyanyi lgu 2 spuas2 yg mngkn!whaaaaa!

at first ktrng kne maen bola sepak...
tpi aku & iqin x mo, then ktrng pon
maen la badminton...gembire weyh!!!
srnk!ahahahahaha!aku sgt ske!
smbl maen 2 blh lak ktrng ngmpt org kot!
ahahah!aku ske kwn ngan iqin!best giler nak mati!!!

lps pnt bermaen 2, ktrng pon pegi
sln bju sklh...time kat dlm blk persalinan 2,
adoyaiii!!!pnyela bsg!!!bingit tlinga gue!
aahahaha!smbl aku tnggu iqin siap,
aku smpt la gak snap 2 pic ngan dye!!!
pape pon~



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

exam bhaiii~

minggu ni ktrng exam tau~~~hari isnin exam
bm & agme...sng la kot~~~hrp2 dpt A or at least
diriku lulus~~~tkt kot~
second day,exam bi+math+science=arggghhhh
hahahahahhahha....bi ok je, sng la jgk...
math ooo mann! science, what the?!
tpi blh di katekan ok la~~~

last exam hari rabu yakni hari ini~
exam sejarah,geo & kh(ert)...
exam geo oke jeh!yeah!bak kate abg angkt kuh ridwan
"adk ridwan msti pndi geo cam abg dye!"wah!hahaha
kh(ert) sng gle vavi!hahhahahahhaha
sej?!gle ah!!!aku kne sawan kot nak jwb!!!
adoyaiiiii!!!shh gle!!!haih~

lepas 2...ptg nye ktrng kokurikulum...sblm koko mule..
aku and kwn2 pgi 7e & beakery untk mkn tngh hari~
bets kot!!!gelak spnjngn ktrng pgi & balek!hahahahha!
lps dtg blk sklh koko pon mle...aku unit uniform PBSM...
tpi tetibe time nak mnuju ke tmpt perjumpaan ktrng,
ckgu pon mngummkn yg "sesiape yg bermnt untk menyertai kelab gamelan
sila pergi ke bilk kokurikulum untk join"wah!

aku pon ape g!trs trk kwn aku!ktrng join la gamelan 2!
aku mmg dah lame nak join bnde ni!
best je time aku tgk drng maen sblm ni!
sgt mnrk perhatian aku!wah!!!hahahhahha
best weyh! join la!spe yg x join 2 mmg rugi bhaiii!!!


hari jumaat last week, aku, parents & abg aku pgi perlis~
ktrng pegi sane sbb my abah ade mesyuarat kat sane...
ktrng tido kat hotel palace pe tah...hoho...
x best langsung! wek! dah la pns! tnds pili tercbt lak 2!

on the way nak sampai perlis 2, ktrng snggh kedah jap
sbb nak jmpe ngan makcik-makcik & pakcik-pakcik yg
satu blk ngan aku, my mom & mah dad time pgi haji last year:)
best kot!!!huhu~drng ajk mkn kat rmh dorang~
rmh drng kat tngh sawah padi, best gle! tenang je!huhu

lps mkn ape sme 2, ktrng pon trskan perjalanan menuju
ke perlis...bile sampai hotel, org smbt my abah...
lps 2, ktrng tros check in r...ktrng rht dlu, tdo2
pe sme...maghrib je ktrng smayang then siap2 untk pegi mkn mlm....

esk 2 iaitu hari sabtu, ktrng pegi padang besar...
just me, my mom & my abg la kan~my abh msyrt~
best kot!!!haha~~~baju kat stu sme lawa-lawa gle bab 1!
so best!aku beli due helai & one handbeg for me to fool around~

hari ahd plak ktrng dah nak blk~~~aku & abg aku dah maleyh
gle nak klr mne2 sbb ktrng nak tdo je pagi 2 sbb ktrng blk lwt skt..
cam kol 11 lbh cam 2 la...tapi last2, ktrng klr jgk...nak round perlis~
ktrng pegi mcm2 tmpt yg glamour gak la kat perlis 2~
tpi yg plg best kat kebun anggur!best kot!!!best gle!!!heee~~~
all thx to the person that works with my dad!he is so nice!
i like him!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!XD