Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, am I in the correct position?

it was morning and it's assembly time as always on Monday.
i finally accomplish my duties for today.
Oh GOD it was nerve wrecking
but still, i managed to do it :D.
hooreey hooorey!

So one of my classmates try to help me with my problems today.
and he is willingly to help me solve the problem.
I'm not really sure with that suggestion though.
but we'll see the answer tomorrow.
I'll suck it all up tomorrow.
Tomorrow to I try .

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is my beloved kakcik! people
just call her Syiqin, that's more friendly 'ight?
I love her doh~ she is the most, one and only brilliant person
i've ever known. it's like she have a camera in her head that
she won't need to look at what she read many times(Photoscopic memory..duhhh -.-')
She love to help me! and that's because I always ask(more like force though) to help me!
and she would help so willingly! hemmo hemmo hemmo

You see, my blog here... she's the one who design it~ oooyeaaahhhh!
She is HOT! tssssss... HAHA
she's hurt. but every time when she's with me, she would be as happy as hell~ muahaha
why? because i'm her 'terbaek' adik as well as you say it ;P
oh yeah. to that asshole who hurt her. go kick your own balls will you?

p/s: I love you kakcik :D

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everything's Okay

If you see my face, what would you scream?
and would you mock me to my face?
if you were faced with me in all your patiences.
what would you ask if you have just one question?

yeah yeah, I am in pain.
yeah yeah, you're not here.
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

what if you see my face again?
just a slob like i used to be?
just a stranger in the class.
trying to make everything's okay.


Muhammad Izmeer Aiman Bin Mokhtar!!!

Lelaki ini! lelaki ini! aku panggil dia Izmeera(baru ja tadi!)!
hua hua hua.
dia ni..... dia pelik sioootttttt! dia cakap aku pelik!
tapi dia 16 kuasa 8 lagi pelik dari aku!
He's Personality that I've known so far:

- stupid
-brilliant in maths & addmaths
- trustworthy
- faithful
- caring
- cat-tish
- a gentleman
- a supporter
- a guy that won't take a girls money
- stubborn
- always day dreaming
- a great guy
- an awesome guy
- a funny guy
- he'll be there for you if you needed help, i'm sure ;)
- he's height~(awesome)
- he's just like one of us

overall... i'm glad i met you ;). praying to God you'll deserve better.

An evening at Alamanda

Well, today at 2.45 p.m. , me, my parents and
my Paksu Mi's family went out to Alamanda!
we didn't do nothing much but I did got a new purse and a new Iphone case~
+ with a new screen protector! Oooo yeahh! at last! dapat juga yang baru!
'Kita Bako je Yang Lame tu! Kita Bako! kita BAKO!!!' xD
well, here's some photo's from today. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fantasy of 2009 - The End of 2010

It's like whatever I do just can't get trough to you.
So listen.
This Book is where I write.
In this book I list all the things that happened.
In this book I learnt that day by day everything worsen.
In this book I TO reveal everything that happened.
I'm sorry if this post may make you feel mocked.

By The Way You Should Know That I'm The Owner Of The Heart That You've Hurt.

navi - 10 minutes (cover lee hyori)

I am! currently singing 10 minutes cover by navi this time!
singing my head like yeah! hahahaha
that song rocks when navi sang it. WOW WOW


Thursday, February 24, 2011

'I want her old self again'

was i'm the who changed?
was i'm the one who suddenly show crap like that?
was i'm the one that talk to you with maximum only 5 words?!
was it me who make everything that we built lost?!

my finger are like slipping from my hand
when i'm praying to Allah that for everything to be fine again.
you'll never be the same

I may

I may said that 'oh god i'm so happy for the both of you!'
I may said 'i want to be your bridesmaid!'
I may said 'make sure that you take a really good care of her!'
I may said 'i would be mad at you if you hurt her!'
I may said 'you'll be a great husband for her someday'

it was the truth. truly from the bottom of my heart.
I do meant all of those sayings.
but am in the right place to say those words of wisdom
when i'm still insecure with my feelings to you?
i'm sorry for bringing this up. I'm sorry that
i didn't have the courage to tell you these.
it just that i don't want to be the one that stole
someone else's. no more. i don't want to be the blame.
last year incident is enough. even though i'm not to blame
i am still to be blame. one day, you'll know this.
and it'll be the last time you'll see me.

Me Today! :D

OH MY GOSH! at last!
I'm back in this blogging life...
after the whole year of
disappointment, heartbroken,
lost a part of my life, the 'was not so bad result' ,
the friends that comes and go,
the true meaning of betrayal BITCH,
the sad sad story that finish without an ending,
i am FINALLY starting a new fresh life in 2011
with my new classmates, new friend mates,
new scandals(perlu kah?),
new perfect teachers
(not that last year i had a bad teacher or anything),
the new focus life of mine
is beginning and i'm so glad that i have no more
interest to be hurt for the second time anymore(or am i?). :D
that's all for the new entry ;D