Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't wanna let us down

I wasn't trying to tell you the worst things for your life...
I'm not the type that easily mock someone and actually MEAN it...
yeah, I'm the one and only girl that had no clue of what is actually
happening between us. Is it true? Is all that I've heard is true?
do you really have a good reason for why you're doing this?
If you do then why do you have to ALWAYS ALWAYS use a higher tone
when you're talking to me? why are you doing this really..
when I'm over you, why should I hear all of those THINGS that are not
supposed to be told to me? that you're doing this is actually to protect me?
damn I guess what I dreamed before IS true. I'm not at right spot to cry again.
I'm out of my own breath when I keep on thinking about this.
don't you know I'm too young to be dealing with this crises?
As much as I loved you, As much as I believed in you
It hurts... Because I hate you so much, because it’s sad
It hurts ...This farewell, this can’t be good but still, goodbye...
Good bye...I really don't wanna let us down... I really don't,
but still... Good bye even though I hate you, you are my love.
The first person I really do love and appreciated. To be saying those
hard words 'Good bye, I'm no longer your dolls to be played with and
I truly don't love you anymore.' These are the lies of both mans...
we both make those mistake by using those piercing sentences to each other.
Good bye.

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