Saturday, June 27, 2009

this week

im happy again:).. we make up again!weeee
he's not the moody sensitive guy like last week no more!
huhu. so on tuesday we stay back and I have fun with him though.
we practiced how to use the cyberlink with some laugh and aye contact!
ahaks! then on thursday is the same like tuesday though.
we practiced how to use cyberlink and some more video software editing.
and yeah, syaa, nad and belle took some picture of me and him!haha sengal
la korang...tpi x pek! kah3!joke2..

but my Heart, i don't know how my heart feels right now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a letter to you

yesterday i sent someone to sent you a piece of letter.
it is a confession. i never did this before but i dont know
why i did it.

the letter

(his name)...aku give up..ikut ko lah nak buat ape pon,
tapi aku mintak tolong sangat2 jang keluar dalam group
kite, sebab kiteorang gile2 perlukan ko weyh! ko orang
penting dalam group kite weyh~ tolong la jangan.

tolong eyh weyh~
nanti minggu depan x mo masam2 da...tau?PLEASE
Harap ko okey nanti.
(there's more but i can't remember it, sorry)

and and...i think i forgot to wrote something that is
very important in the letter...
i just want you to know that we're so sorry!
IM SO SORRY. im sorry. im sorry. im sorry.

Sogo & Kompleks Utama

so today my family and i pegi Sogo n kompleks utama
untuk beli baju my abang sebab dye da nak sambung
blajar balek dah!sob sob~so hari ni pergi sane
kene pakai baju kurung cause nanti on the way nak
balik nak singgah tempat orang kahwin jap.shit!haha.
but ok la, pergi sane beli baju siket habis duit you.
haha then pergi kompleks utama jap sebab my kakak
nak cari seluar pengakap sebab hari 2 lecture dye sound
dye sebab seluar dye laen dari yang laen. haha kesian.
then sambil2 2 diriku servey la phone2 kat situ sebab
berhajat ingin menukar phone cause phone ni cam gile
siket but still ok!huhu~ I still love my phone ma..
huhu. then pergi rumah sepupu my abah jap sebab
nanti nak gerak dekat tempat kahwin 2 sekali dengan
my bapak saudare.kah3~ then pergi sane makan2 , lepak2
lepas 2 teros belah.haha~ thats all...buhbye

Friday, June 19, 2009


today, i woke up in the morning to see you.
today, i go to school full with hopefulness.
today, i saw you.
today, im searching for you.
today, i've talk to you.
today, i ask you why.
today, you told me why.
today, i look at you.
today, you don't even look at me.
today, you hurt me again.
today, i confess to my friend.
today, im dying.
today, im stress.
today, i don't want to talk.
today, our friend talk to you.
today, you scolded our friend.
today, one word turns into a war.
today to, i surrender.
today again i cried because of you.
I never meant to start a war.
you know i don't even want to hurt you.
but why? tell me why?
im getting sick of your attitude.
im tired of all your reasons.
but because of this stupid feeling
today to i keep fighting for my love.
im sorry.and thank you for everything.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

thank you for that

you guys just love it to make me sad and cry ha?!
why? answer me why? i've ask you whats your
problem and
we've talked about it, but why do
you still do it? I don't want you
to think that
we're so smart and you're not that good to be
friend with
us. I dont want you to feel like that!
im sad when you said that.
where is the guy that
i've known all this year? the one that always
his idea and fight for what he wants? where is the
guy that always
there when we're in trouble? where
is our leader? where is the guy that
i've been waiting?
where is he? is he gone? i dont think so..he's still there,

somewhere inside that kind and gentle heart...i know
he's still there.
he just dont want to come out because
he's just shy and to stubborn.
all this time, i dont want to
give any pressure on you, but i was wrong..
you're the one
that giving me pressure that i've been facing all this days..

i taught that if i saw you everyday i'll get better and calm
but i was wrong...
God! why those life always feel like
battlefield! aaarggghhh! i never want to
start a war with
you..but why do you have to be so stubborn?! i've cried 2

times because of you! do i even have to face this stupid
problem?! i've tried
to understand you! and i did it, but
why can't you understand me?! can you
even notice the
way i treat you? or do you even know that im alive? is it so

hard to understand a girl heart? yeah maybe is those but
do you have
to do this? i don't wanna fight with you again!
i've fight with you once and
it hurts so much. I hope we'll
be okay again. please. begging you.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Time

friday aku pergi rumah emira!
we had a fun time dowh!
dah lame aku tunggu saat niyh!ceyh!
i went to her house about 11-12.30
like then we went to alamanda, emira's mom
sent us there...sampai2 je kiteorang teros
pergi beli ticket wayang dekat GSC...first2
kiteorang beli ticket Drag Me To Hell then pegi
Burger King.Makan Set 1 medium if im not mistaken!
haha~makan,tangkap gmbr,confession,laugh of course!wajib!
then lepas makan koteorng keluar dari alamanda...
kami duduk di luar..seronok!kami sedang menunggu seseorang
untuk tiba dan pergi menonton!skema much!haha
after that, kiteorang tros pergi GSC...time nak masuk 2
x lepas sebab crite 2 for 18 above..haish!redho je..habis duit!
tapi x pe...kami menonton cerite lain...
Monster vs Alien Pictures, Images and Photos
best you!i love all the character in there!especially BOB!
huhu~its the blue one!comel je dye!haha
lepas tengok movie 2...kami pergi ke body shop cause i wanna
buy a new perfume! huhu then pergi Mcd beli aiskrim and lepak
kat luar alam sambil tunggu my abg n sis...

emira!i have to admit it! friday was fun!it's out first time
hang out together just the two of us! LOVE YOU EMira!huhu