Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ayuh Kembali Ke Sekolah~Ayuh!haha

Yey!Sekolah dah nak start!heee~~~
hehe~~~akhirnye...dpt gak pki bju sklh
Tpi msh ade prasaan maleyh nak pgi 2

hehe...tpi kne rjn!dah nak dkt PMR da niyh!
i've to study harder!
to fulfill my dream!


Good bye 2008! & Hello 2009!=]

Im gonna miss 2008 though.
2008 has help me a lot with my life,
it help me to be more matured, to
have pride, to have a crush n fall in love,
to have lot's more friends, to love more,
&& to be smart!!!im gonna miss you honey 2008!

this is a new year that i've been waiting for a long time,
cause, i want to do something new in my life,
something that i wont regert,
that can make me happy until forever!

I Love You 2008!But I Have
To Let You Go!
2009 Is My New Life Know
I Will Cerish It!